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normal people are so hostile

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29. SARCASTIC. Klutzy. GEEK. I ♥ BOOKS. MUSIC. COMPUTERS. The color GREEN. Proper grammar where appropriate. Striped socks. SHOES. Daisies. MOVIES + TV. The words "DOUCHE & BAG". Sometimes PHOTOSHOP is my friend. I DO NOT update often. Most of my posts are private because I'm just not comfortable airing my dirty unmentionables, but my other entries are usually fandom related or have a bit of relevance to them. So feel free to laugh and/or comment. :D If we happen to have more than just fandom in common, then some friending might be on the menu.
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THE BIG BANG THEORY, BONES, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, House, Pushing Daisies, The Middleman, SUPERNATURAL, LIE TO ME, Dexter, BTVS, Angel, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, Harry Potter, Farscape, Hellboy, Alice In Wonderland, Roswell, The 10th Kingdom, Witchblade, Doctor Who, Queer As Folk, Scrubs, Dark Angel, Labyrinth, Peter Pan. Layout | Header & Banners | Moodtheme

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